About Mills

Mills is a producer for Hurache (a music collective based in the South West of the U.K.), specialising in Hip Hop/ Rap Beats and instrumental music. He has been making beats for close to a decade, producing a phenomenal amount of tracks with Hurache, as well as hundreds of instrumentals.

Introduced to the production realm by Hurache founder DJ Friendly a year after Hurache was founded, in the years between then and now Mills’ production skills have developed extensively.
Incorporating a range of real instruments, various sounds and styles – from gritty electronic to smooth organic and everywhere in-between, listening to Mills’ production there is music here for you!

Currently working on the new HURACHE album “Futuristic Revolution” with DJ Friendly AKA B!G SKAT, Mills has completed two full length albums with B!G SKAT – “The Briefcase”; a short 10 track affair, and “Concept Material”; an avant-garde project soaked in quality.

Efforts now are focused on a new series of instrumentals and a variety of other projects including “Concept Material 2” ………… it just don’t stop!!

Feel free to contact Mills for Production work, Soundtracks, Collaborations, Instrumentals, Business & and Management Advice, or General Enquiries at: millshurache@hotmail.com

To hear music from Hurache look out for the website:


Coming Soon!

Watch out for Hurache CD’s ………… everywhere!!!

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